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YosemiteFlor is a global industry leader in luxury vinyl flooring and wall panels for both residential and commerical applications, including LVT, WPC and SPC. YosemieteFlor provide a variety of solutions, including vinyl flooring and wall panels, which can almost meet the decorative needs of  for floor and wall.

At YosemiteFlor, we have been committed to providing a variety of floor and wall panel solutions to customers around the world. We maintain close contact with partners all over the world including universities, laboratories, research institutions, companies. Because of our continued investment in technology and innovation,We have been providing customers with lighter, more stable and stronger CORE. It is precisely because of the CORE that transportation costs are reduced and products can meet nearly any application with sophistication. We also value the environment in which we do business and the carbon footprint left behind, so we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle at every stage of production. Our vinyl floors are made from 100 percent recyclable materials, and our new Huoshan manufacturing facility reduces product waste and energy use due to thoughtful design decisions including solar photovoltaic system, ERP and MES system. When it comes to quality control, we have won industry recognition for our control of product consistency and stability in our vinyl products.

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