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At the end of 2012, we started production of Vinyl Floor, and the next year began to provide floors to customers in the United States. Currently, Yosemite can produce nearly 600,000 square meters flooring per month. Our vinyl floors are made from 100 percent recyclable materials, and our Huoshan manufacturing facility reduces product waste and energy use due to thoughtful design decisions including solar photovoltaic system, ERP and MES system. Through the MES system, we are fully capable of knowing who produced the flooring and when it was produced, which will make it easier for us to know the production progress and quality control. When it comes to quality control, we have won industry recognition for our control of product consistency and stability in our vinyl products.


In 2022, YosemiteFlor established a subsidiary in Yen Bai, Vietnam, and Yosemite officially entered a new journey as a global company. The new factory will have 16 SPC production lines, which can provide customers with a monthly production capacity of 500 twenty foot containers. And Yosemite will provide customers with products made in Vietnam in May 2022.

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