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Yosemite works with partners to find materials that can coexist with nature and protect the world’s trees from felling and rock formations from mining. We were pleasantly surprised to discover vinyl floor and vinyl wall panel, these products can be recycled and reused, which reduces damage to nature. Our inspiration and creativity are drawn from nature - rivers, mountains, rocks, forests and wood. Yosemite supports the Free Flying Wings project together with SEE CONVERSATION. The project protects endangered water birds and their habitats, and let birds share the beautiful nature with humans.

Why Choose Yosemite: 
1. Unlimited creativity. Work with the world’s best designers to incorporate natural inspiration into products. 
2. Extensive cooperation. Together with our partners providing consumers with a more robust and easy-to-install product   structure.
3. Global footprint. Yosemite has manufacturing bases in China and Vietnam, providing partners with a variety of choices. 
4. Sustainability. Yosemite thanks our partners for replacing nearly 6 million square meters of wooden floors with           recyclable materials last year. 

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